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As a healthcare provider, you want the best for your patients – even when they leave your care. A referral to Ellea Nursing secures access to world-class private care, supporting patients and their loved ones with bespoke medical care wherever they call home.

Ellea Nursing is part of Acacium Group, a leading global healthcare delivery partner.

The safety of our clients is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated clinical governance function safeguards services through robust clinical pathways and rigorous risk management.

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Respite care

Advise family members to take a break to avoid burnout. Regular, ad-hoc and short-notice respite care for available on request.

Post-operative home care

Suggest specialist post-operative support to help clients manage medications and wound care, expediating recovery and protecting long-term health. Additional access to specialists including physiotherapists, dietitians and occupational health therapists.

Live-in care

Providing family members with much needed specialist support, Ellea Nursing’s live-in care teams enable independence wherever possible.

Palliative care

Dedicated end-of-life care; our experienced palliative nurses and carers ensure clients are as comfortable as possible, for as long as they are needed.

Alzheimer’s and dementia care

Professionals specialising in neurodegenerative conditions are well- equipped to improve our client’s quality of life, supporting fixed routines in familiar environments.

Cancer care

Supporting clients and their families through the physical and emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis and treatments, our nurse and care teams have a wealth of experience in delivering holistic support.

Complex care

Supporting a wide range of complex conditions including Parkinsons, brain injuries and stroke recovery. Our teams provide continuity of care to enable clients to live comfortably at home.

Companionship care

Accompanying clients to scans, x-rays and tests, our professional team support with consistent monitoring and professional aftercare.

Paediatric care

Specialist provision for children and young people with complex care needs, our paediatric nurses support physical and mental wellbeing through social interaction and specialist medical care.

Holiday and overseas care

Helping clients and their families to travel with confidence, our nurses and carers maintain world-class standards of care at home and abroad.

Access world-class private care

Robust clinical governance

Overseen by more than 140 clinicians, we’re experienced in delivering safe and consistent patient-led quality care in hospitals, in the community and at home.

Unrivalled access to healthcare expertise

With more than 2,600 nurses, over 1,300 carers and 1,000 specialist paediatric nurses, we can provide world-class private care nationwide.

Flexible, scalable care on demand

We’re experienced in providing 1:1 care, all the way to 6:1 care, helping patients and their families for as long as they need our support, no matter how complex their healthcare needs.

24/7 clinical support

There’s no worry too small or request too big when it comes to our care. Our clinical support team is on-hand for clients, their families, and physicians around-the-clock.

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