Bespoke private care services

Co-ordinating quality care with precision, Ellea Nursing teams have the experience and resources to provide round-the-clock quality care when you need it, in your home and abroad.

Flexible, compassionate support designed with your needs in mind, Ellea Nursing provides unrivalled access to world-class care.

Facing change, such as physical limitations or long-term illness, can be upsetting, but our dedicated team provides peace of mind supporting your short, medium and long-term needs, providing specialist bespoke care nationwide.

We work with you to tailor care to support your exact requirements, no matter how unique your circumstances.

Types of private care we offer

Respite Care

You can only care for others well if you care for yourself. Rest and recharge in the knowledge your loved one is in safe hands. Whether you require one-off, occasional, or regular support, we’re here for you and your family.

Post-operative home care

Get back to normality and maximise your recovery at home. Our specialist team will nurse you back to health as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Live-in care

Overcome concerns with specialist one-to-one support in the home. Rest assured your loved one is receiving quality care and pain and symptom relief, day and night, from a specialist nurse or carer they can trust.

Palliative care

Time is precious, spend it with the ones you love in the place you call home. There for you and your family when you need it most, our specialist nurses and carers help you manage the physical and emotional challenges of end-of-life care.

Alzheimer’s and dementia care

Fixed routines in a familiar environment support a better quality of life for loved ones experiencing neurodegenerative conditions. Caring beyond the clinical, our nurses and carers provide comfort during difficult and confusing times.

Cancer care

Helping you navigate the physical and emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis and treatment; our nurses and carers have a wealth of experience in delivering holistic support to help you throughout your journey.

Complex care

Prioritising health and comfort, our dedicated teams provide valued continuity of care for chronic or long-term care needs, including neurological conditions such as Parkinsons, brain injuries and stroke recovery.

Holiday and overseas care

Travel with confidence, whatever your healthcare needs. Our nurses and carers maintain world-class standards of care at home and abroad, ensuring you never miss out on the important moments again.

Paediatric care

Enjoy precious time together with the assistance of a professional paediatric nurse. Working with children and young people of all ages, we support your child’s physical and mental wellbeing through social interaction and specialist medical care.

Companionship care

Dispel worries and uncertainty with expert help and guidance throughout medical treatments. Our nurses and carers will accompany you or your loved one to scans, x-rays and tests, providing consistent monitoring and professional aftercare.

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Ellea Nursing provides bespoke private care nationwide. Round-the-clock, patient-centric care draws upon years of clinical excellence.

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